Breed Matters

Breed history

Our West German line of German Shepherds originate back to the 1914's as the original straight back working line dog, showcasing colours that are predominantly Many striking Sable colours along with Pure Blacks.

It is the most balanced of the lines between appearance, temperament and working ability. Their bodies were bred to have more of a working structure than the West German show lines. Where the West German show lines were bred more for their appearance and show conformance, the West German working lines in particular were bred to excel in working fields like guarding, protection, working with law enforcement, and to excel where working titles were concerned – like herding and IPO.

The West German Working line comes out of the former West Germany – which existed when Germany was split into East and West Germany.

Breed standard

The German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia and the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) are the controlling bodies who after research and consultation agreed to choose the Standard for German Shepherd breed based on the country of its origin.

The breed standards are following –

The main purpose and usage of German Shepherd are Versatile Utility, Herding, Guard and Service Dog. The main characteristics of the German Shepherd Dog constitute of attentiveness, loyalty, calm self-assurance, alertness and tractability, steadiness of nerves and immense courage with sound physical strength and scenting ability.


Temperament of the German Shepherd Dog must be well balanced, controlled and self assured. It should also be attentive and good natured. Any German Shepherd Dog should also possess traits like instinctive drive, flexibility and self confidence which makes it that perfect companion and excellent watch dog.


Service and herding dog of all.

Head and Skull

The head of a German Shepherd is wedge-shaped and in-proportion to the body. The length of head is about 40% of the height of withers which neither coarse not too elongate.

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There is no more loyal friend in this world than a German Shepherd!

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