Your New Puppy

After a lot of work and effort, you’ve found the perfect puppy or adult dog and the day is quickly approaching when you will finally be able to bring your German Shepherd home. Whether you are adopting an adult dog or purchasing a puppy, you have several preparations to make for your new canine buddy.

Here are some points for you to keep in mind:

You should be committed enough before buying a GSD or German Shepherd Dog and you should be aware of pros and cons of buying a GSD. Before taking decision of buying a GSD you should ask –

  • Why do you want a dog?
  • Why do you want particularly GSD or German Shepherd?
  • Is GSD or German Shepherd Dog is the right for you and your family?
  • Are you and your whole family mentally prepared and ready to welcome new member to your family?
  • And many more. . .

Well, if you are thinking to buy a burglar alarm, a security guard for your house or a toy then you should give a second thought. The GSD or German Shepherd Dog is highly intelligent and sensible dog which demands for proper attention and care and likes to be socially active. It demands for a family like atmosphere.

So if you are truly and completely committed to this creature then you can buy a GSD or German Shepherd Dog.

The big day

The day of bringing your puppy to your home form breeder is really full of excitement and joy. But you keep this in your mind that your new puppy should be at ease during its way to its new home. Drive it safely without shocks or anxiety due to speeding of car.

Making a commitment
You can only commit to a dog only if you have following things –
  • Money – required for maintaining healthy life style of your dog and affording regular vaccinations and other health related costs
  • Time – enough time to groom your dog, socialise it, carrying out physical activities like playing and exercising, feeding and cleaning up after your dog
  • Persona – your love and fear from dogs decide whether you can have a GSD or any other dog or not.
Settling in and socialization

Familiarise your puppy with the new environment and people. Help it settle down with ease. The place it is born is different from where it was born therefore utmost care and attention should be given to it so that it gels well with the people around it. It should be taken outside the house to feel the nature as well.

Preventing separation anxiety in puppies

Separation Anxiety or SA in dogs is one of the main issues that should be taken care of by the owners. It is sometimes misused or overused for dogs that bark a lot, chew or eliminate inside their crates in the absence of the owners. it is hard to find out whether the dog is suffering from SA (Separation Anxiety) or not. If your dog panics when aloof and/or keeps panicking and waiting for their owners to return then it is highly likely they are having separation anxiety. Along with that they may begin to eliminate indoors, bark or howl, destroy things like walls by chewing and digging or even self harm. You should take special care of your dog by consulting dog trainers and the breeder you bought it from.

House training

In-house training of your dog can be relatively easier provided rules and regulations made for your dog are properly followed.

  • Puppy should be taken outside after feeding and let it eliminate outside. Make it its habit and give gestures of praise so that it will be motivated to do so every time.
  • Puppy should be taken outside for morning jobs and let it eliminate outside. Do not forget to praise it.

Puppies are too young to go for heavy exercises and long walks. Let it play and rest according to its physical requirements. When it grows up then it is fit enough to go over longer walks and involve in some higher physical activities. This activity helps it grow properly and prevents any undue pressure on bones and joints during its budding phase.


Like any human, dogs too need to be groomed. Their coat should be brushed regularly to keep it neat, clean and shiny. This way loose hair will be removed. Specific types of combs should be used to brush their coat.

GSD or German Shepherd Dog should not be bathed on regular basis to prevent their coat from drying and irritation. To maintain a healthy skin always use less alkaline or almost neutral pH valued cleaning products. Their skin is acidic therefore they suffer more from skin problems as compared to humans.

Training – obedience and show

Training your dog is not just an option; it’s a strict obligation to do so after buying it. You should start training your dog right after you bring it home. An untrained puppy will grow into a trouble making dog and at that time it will be very difficult to tame it and train it. So it is better to prevent such problems to happen.

Your puppy can be trained mostly in the form of games when it is young. As it grows you can include various other activities accordingly.

Preparing for your puppy

Make proper arrangements before bringing your member to your home. Food and water dishes, perfect sized collar and dog’s bed to sleep on should be purchased before hand to avoid any inconvenience to you and your dog.

Other items like crates and toys should also be considered and purchased wisely.

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There is no more loyal friend in this world than a German Shepherd!

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