There are many discussions in the industry of how often and when to vaccinate our pets. Did you know there’s also a major concern world wide of over vaccinating?

One well time vaccination for your German Shepherd is enough to last it’s lifetime! A recent 15 year study from Finland/Helsinki has now proven the levels of mercury and aluminium found in vaccinations are what are contributing to illnesses, skin irritations, autoimmune diseases and deaths in dogs.

When your Vet is harping on to annually vaccinate your pet, ask them why. In many cases the true answer is not there for you.

When you continue to annually vaccinate your pet, you are not allowing your pets immune system to work at its peak. Before humans started caring for our pets, they didn’t come in from the wild annually in search of a Vet for a vaccination, no!

What you see with our German Shepherds is what you get. A stunning dog that is fed the best diet that they know, along with allowing their immune systems to work on their own and at their best.


There is no more loyal friend in this world than a German Shepherd!

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